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Enrollment Requirements

Mead Outdoor School (MOS) operates under the rules of Washington State's Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program laws in WAC 392-121-182. ALE rules enable public school students to pursue a more flexible educational schedule in an individualized setting but require all learning be supervised by a certified teacher. MOS is a public education option where some or all of the instruction is delivered outside of a regular classroom schedule. 

MOS students are public school students of the Mead School District in an alternative setting. MOS students are NOT considered homeschooled students under WA state law. Homeschoolers provide home-based instruction and fall under a different set of laws including  RCW 28A.200.011(1) and RCW 28A.225.010(4).

Our teachers meet the ALE documentation requirements by tracking and documenting student progress and achievement by completing the following:

  • Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP): Each student must have a WSLP, written by the teacher in collaboration with the parent, that outlines the course goals, curriculum materials used on-site and at home, and acceptable progress for each student.   
  • Weekly Student/Teacher Contact: Each student must receive a minimum of one hour per week of instruction from a certified teacher to complete regular weekly contact requirements. If a student is absent, contact by phone or email must occur during the school week (Monday-Friday).
  • Monthly Progress: A monthly progress report must be completed for each child by a certified teacher.
  • Annual Assessment: Each student must receive a formal assessment during the year. This is accomplished through the district and state-mandated assessments such as the MAP and SBA.