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Enrollment Requirements

North Star operates under the mandates of Washington State law governing Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) programs. ALE rules allow public school students to diverge from classroom-based learning environments and schedules while still being supervised by a certificated teacher. Because learning can occur away from traditional school settings, student progress and achievement is tracked and documented through alternate methods. As a participant in publicly-funded education, families and students have the opportunity to experience the flexibility offered through our ALE program by working with certificated staff to plan and document student learning.

The following four basic ALE requirements form the essential requirements for each student's educational program. Through these requirements, we will compile a record of each student’s progress and achievement of learning goals. 

  • Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) & Intentional Instruction

  • Weekly Contact (in clubs, primarily)

  • Monthly Progress Notes

  • Mentoring Meetings

  • District and State Assessments