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Prospective Students


Please spend some time learning about us at the "about us link" before pursuing enrollment.
North Star enrollment is a multi-step process. It is dependent on openings and the determination that learning at home in collaboration with North Star is a good fit for your family. 

We begin the enrollment process by gathering the necessary information to place your student on our interest list. If we have no openings, your student will be placed on a waiting list, which gives no guarantee of enrollment, or a timeline for enrollment. We evaluate openings on a rolling basis.  

Steps to Enrollment

  1. Research our school and other MLO options by reviewing the homepage of the rest of our website, to see determine if our model seems to be a good fit.
  2. Complete the MLO INTEREST FORM 24-25 to provide contact information for us to move forward.
  3. Your family will receive an invitation to  participate in an enrollment Interview and information gathering session. Depending on the timeframe, this may be done in small groups of families or individually.
  4. If enrollment is approved, families may begin completing the necessary paperwork and start investigating curriculum. 

    Next Steps and Paperwork:
  5. 1. Complete DISTRICT Enrollment Paperwork:

     Enrollment forms online 
    (For students new to the Mead School District.)  Online Enrollment Form Link 24-25 
    (For students who live outside the Mead School District)  CHOICE TRANSFER REQUEST AND 24-25 NON-RESIDENT APPLICATION found here LINK

    2. Enrollment forms just for all North Star students linked below
        a.  NS Family Contract Form 24-25 LINK
         b.  Letter to Instructors 24-25 LINK

  6. a.  NS Family Contract Form 24-25 LINK
    b.  Letter to Instructors 24-25 LINK
    c.  School Care Form

    When your student has been approved his/her information will be forwarded to our electronic health information system, SchoolCare You will receive an email from SchoolCare (formerly CareDox) shortly thereafter, containing a link to your student's record. Health information entry is a required step. Please follow that link and enter all appropriate health and emergency contact details, designate at least one emergency contact who can pick up your child and sign the SchoolCare medical authorization sections. 

    3. RSVP and Attend a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) meeting on ________
    After these steps are completed, enrollment will be done.
    4. Request Clubs in August: Club schedule will be posted in early August. 
    (All the enrollment paperwork must be have been submitted.)
          ~Go online and look at the club schedule (posted in August).
          ~Pick a first, second and third choice for each hour that you would like your
            child to be on campus.

              Beginning of the year: Fill out the club request form that will be live on 
            Thursday August 22th at 9am. The timestamp for that form will be part of the decision-making
             process for enrolling students in clubs

            After August Enrollment: Pick a first, second and third choice for each hour that you would like
            your child to be on campus.  Submit your selections to your mentor teacher. We will enroll your 
            child(ren) in clubs that are not full, according to their ranking, and provide you with a schedule.       5. Read  New Family Questions and Answers--After clubs are selected, for K-5 students, create a 
         schedule tag for your child's backpack (explained in the link). Older students generally carry their
         schedules in their backpacks. 
    6. Check your email weekly for the family updates to stay abreast of all the upcoming events and important information.