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Club Schedule and Descriptions

Clubs are year-long "after school activities" supervised by club advisors. These are not academic courses, are not held 5 hours per week, and do not accrue grades.  Due to the flexible nature of alternative education, they are offered at times convenient for all, rather than from 3:30-5:30. Every student needs to take at least one "cert club" (shaded as a blue square on the club schedule. This provides weekly contact.)

This link to the Club Schedule is now live. Clubs which do not enroll at least 5 students will be cancelled.
The schedule is very large and is best viewed online so that viewers can scroll left and right or enlarge the text. 

The link to the Club Descriptions is now live. Please explore the clubs your student(s) might enjoy and check for any needs, expectations or prerequisites for clubs. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Club Requests and Registration ProcessPlease use Google form which will be linked below (and emailed to families) for club registration.
The form will be live on Thursday, August 18th from 9-11 am.
Group 1: Registration begins at 9am. (Families with all end of year tasks completed on-time in the spring.)
Group 2: Registration link sent and open at 9:30 am. (Families with all end of year tasks completed past-due in the spring.)
Group 3: Registration link sent and open at 10:00 am. (Families with some end of year tasks/paperwork still missing.)

If you have any problems or concerns, please reach out to me by email.
I will respond to the emails in the order that I receive them.
Please include your name and phone number to make responding easy.
Our front office staff do not have any information on club registrations,

Club Request Steps

  1. Families will access the Google Form and submit it once for each student.
  2. Enter the student's name and grade.
  3. Select a club or "None" from the available options for each day and each hour.
  4. Answer questions about most important clubs and alternates.
  5. When the form is submitted, it will be time stamped.  

Student Enrollment in Clubs

Students will be placed in clubs using the information provided, to match requests to the best of our ability. The timestamp on the submitted form will figure substantially. If a club is full, selections will be chosen, if possible, from the "Most Important" and "Alternatives" provided on the form.

Requesting to be a TA

If you are interested in acting as a Teacher's Assistant in a club, please include that information in the club request form. 
Let us know the day, the period (1-5th) and the title of the club where you would like to participate.
We do not place students as a TA in a club at their own grade level. 

Common Questions

We are new to North Star this year. Are we supposed to sign up for 1 full day, or clubs or 2 full days, or partial days?

Each family selects from one to up to ten clubs, depending on the needs of their family. Some students come for only one club. Others come for one full day and another half-day. Some students come for two full days. 
Clubs enrich but do not replace the learning at home. Every student needs to take at least one "cert club" (shaded as a blue square on the club schedule. This provides weekly contact.)