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North Star Logo with Gears

The North Star School is a homeschool partnership which values parents as the primary educators. Parents are mentored by certificate teachers and the school provides personalized curriculum materials, offers extra-curricular enrichment and access to academic support clubs.

Mission Statement
To ensure high levels of learning for ALL students.

We meet students where they are. By forming partnerships, we build a community where students flourish. 

  • Students: Students feel like an integral part of a community. They have integrity in completing their course work to the best of their ability, while accepting educational challenges and seeking the guidance of family members, teachers, and other significant adults. 
  • Teachers: Teachers value the uniqueness of student circumstances. They make connections to provide support and encouragement. They mentor students and families regarding resources, strategies, and learning standards. They use best practices and share data-driven feedback on student achievement. They partner with families and other advocates to develop and monitor interventions on behalf of their students. 
  • Families: Families will confidently teach with fidelity and/or support student learning in a home environment. They actively seek mentoring and partnership with teachers. They understand and consider the feedback and data provided by teachers.

Letter from the Principal
Hello and thank you for visiting North Star School!  We are a strong school community that takes great pride in partnering with a child’s most important teachers, the parents, to provide a rich and empowering learning environment for your child. 

We are excited to work with families who chose to do some or all of their children’s education from home. At North Star we work closely with parents to provide quality educational opportunities and resources for those families. Our mission is to ensure high levels of learning for ALL students. We strive to meet students where they are. By forming partnerships, we build a community where students flourish. We are proud of our staff and their commitment to students to meet each individual child’s needs.

We operate under the authority of the State of Washington and the laws pursuant to an alternative learning experience (ALE, WAC 392-121-182). North Star is a school that takes its responsibility for helping students reach their learning goals and objectives very seriously. 

Our website is provided to you in an effort to answer some of your questions and provide information on the operation of our school. However, if you have additional questions or feel your questions were not fully answered, please call us a 509-465-7700. We look forward to working with you and your child.

Nick Edwards, Principal