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New 2022-23 Curriculum Ordering Procedure for families in Mead Learning Options

In keeping with the law, the mentor teacher will ensure that a student has the approved materials needed and identified in the written student learning plan (WSLP), which is always written in collaboration with families. As is our practice, learning materials must be: 

1) On our approved materials list 
2) Ordered from an approved vendor
3) Included in the learning plan 
3) Not faith-based

Ordering Procedure (See Ordering Process )

  1. Parents, with a certified teacher, will participate in the selection of curriculum. 

  2. Parents will review the approved materials list, select materials that meet the needs of their child, including online items, fill out the required information on the 2022-23 Family Curriculum Order  with:

    1. Vendor name (from approved vendor list…please use RainbowResources whenever possible) 

    2. Exact title of material including edition

    3. Item number (If it doesn’t have an item number, include the link.)

    4. Price 

  3. Parents will send curriculum order form to the Mentor Teacher. Please remember that the district cannot reimburse families or club advisors for materials they purchase with their own money.